Stage 9 Main Bridge
Stage 9 Sickbay
Stage 9 Corridor 1
Stage 9 Transporter Room
Stage 9 Battle Bridge
Stage 9 Ready Room
Stage 9 Corridor 2
Stage 9 Holodeck
Stage 9 Datas Quarters
Stage 9 Corridor 3
Stage 9 Observation Lounge
Stage 9 Ten Forward

What is Stage 9?

This aim of the Stage 9 project is to recreate the sets used in Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on attention to detail.

The eventual goal is to allow you to explore every part of the ship that you’ve seen on the show and interact with it.

Imagine walking to Worfs’ tactical station on the Bridge, pressing buttons on his control panel and firing torpedoes or sitting in Datas’ chair at the helm console and taking the ship into warp. Immersion and interactivity are the key here!

What rooms can I explore?

I currently have the following rooms explorable in the latest version of the project. Nothing is finished yet though, the rooms will change over time.

  • Main Bridge
  • Ready Room
  • Observation Lounge
  • Ten Forward
  • Battle Bridge
  • Stage 9¬†corridor section
  • Sickbay
  • Dr Crushers’ Office
  • Datas’ Quarters
  • Holodeck
  • Transporter Room

What do I need to run this?

Stage 9 runs on the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 and as one of my goals is to try and get things as realistic as possible, it does require a fairly beefy PC in order to get the best framerates. Here’s the relevant specs from my development PC, I get about 140fps on the Bridge using this :-

  • Core i7 4790k CPU
  • 32GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
  • Geforce 980 Superclocked

So use that as a reference. bear in mind there are also quality settings in-game so you can configure to suit you best.

What about Virtual reality?

I like to consider myself a bit of a VR nut and having the chance to explore this ship in Virtual Reality is why I started this project in the first place.

Stage 9 will support the SteamVR framework, which will allow the game to run with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. I currently only have a Vive for development, so I can only test current releases with that. However, thanks to SteamVR, it *should* support the Oculus Rift with either a gamepad or the touch controllers when they release.