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On behalf of all of the developers, we’d like to say that we’re grateful and humbled for all the support our fans have been sending our way after the news broke. We have, however, read a couple of false statements being passed around on social media, and would like to briefly clarify them here:

  • Stage 9 is, and always was intended as a free and non-profit fan made project. None of the developers involved received any form of payment or compensation of any kind for helping out with the development.
  • We haven’t ‘lawyered up’, and we don’t intend to. No lawyer representing us ever called CBS or was at all involved when we tried to negotiate a solution for this. We’re just a group of fans, we respect CBS’s right to protect their IP, we just hoped to find an amicable solution that would leave everybody happy.

Once again, we’re very thankful for all the support on social media, we hope to continue seeing you all out there during this journey.