Stage 9 3D 360 Images

So using the new Nvidia Ansel tool built into Stage 9, I’ve put together these 3D 360 degree images from each of the current rooms in the project.

You can view these in a normal browser or if you have a VR Device like Google Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can view them in 3D.

 360 Degree Photos from the Interactive TNG Technical Manual

  By far one of the best resources I’ve found for this project is the Interactive TNG Technical Manual from the late 1990s.  Unfortunately it doesn’t run on modern PCs but I did manage to extract the incredible 360 degree photos taken on each of the sets.

  These MOV files require Quicktime to be installed (they don’t work with alternatives like VLC) but you can see in every direction around the camera and each video contains hotspots so you can move to other locations on the set to see it from that angle. Click on each file to download

   Main Bridge
Observation Lounge
Datas Quarters
Main Engineering
Picards Quarters
Ready Room
Ten Forward
Transporter Room
Trois Quarters
  Worfs Quarters