Community Feedback

Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for doing this project, I really enjoy showing it off for my chill streams ~scubastevetxst

I have to say, I do love the smoothness of the new shuttlecraft ;o … very nice ;D !!! ~tenko23

Hi. I just created a Discord Account to tell you how incredible this Project is. I hope you don‘t get tired of this but the work you do is fulfilling every TNG Fans dreams. I never heard of the Sternbach Blueprints before and learned a lot of new things tanks to the twitch videos. I had no Idea there are actually stairs on the Enterprise. I mean… why are they crawling threw Jeffreis Tubes the whole time? Okay i‘m getting of Topic. All I want to say is THANK YOU!! ~Sciencekeeper

I must say, you guys did an amazing job optimizing v009. I just got a 4k monitor and my GTX 1080 TI has not come in the mail yet. There is lag here and there, but overall Stage9 is the only thing with modern 3D graphics that my GTX 970 can handle. ~nkjellman

I noticed absolutely no slow down whatsoever in VR and no missed frames in v0.0.9.1. It was far better than previous release. I’m using AMD Ryzen 1800x with Nvidia 1080ti and 32gb 3200mhz ddr4 memory and 512gb SSD drive for Windows 10. Max power settings on GPU and it is super smooth. ~Tuvok2017

GREAT WORK! Things are coming along nicely! and v10 looks to be shaping up amazingly! Thanks for making our dreams come true! ~Bingobaby

Last video of 0.0.10 was actually the first I saw after finding this project. It kept getting better and better and once you guys did open the shuttlebay doors I actually cried a tear of melancholy caused all by the emotions and experiences I made with star trek roleplaying (actual roleplaying). I waited years for something like this to appear. And it is VR. I think when I have the hardware I will sit one the ground the first time I try it and will shed some more tears. ~Pax’Jarome Malues

Found this project a few days ago. This is beyond fascinating! awesome work! Can’t wait for V10 VR to try with my rift. ~a lvl kleiner

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for this amazing project. I just spent the last 4 hours exploring the ship and all it’s features and flying around all the environments in the shuttles. So much detail, it’s staggering! Even the promenade on DS9! You guys are basically recreating my childhood dreams of exploring the Enterprise-d and I love you for it. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU ~Dataschmuck

Dev team, my brother visited me this weekend. He is mentally challenged, but pretty functional. He tends to fixate on things, Star Trek being one of them (I kinda share it with him). I let him play the VR version of Stage 9. He was blown away. You brought him closer than anything to one of his dreams. I think I caught a glimpse of him ‘acting’ a Star fleet officer when I stepped away.
You all made something immensely special. It really made his visited special for him. He had a huge grin on his face. I only saw that when we were at the Star Trek Convention one time or maybe Hogwart’s at Universal Studios.
He loved piloting the shuttle craft although he had the same trouble I had. Perhaps we coerce or bound a player’s hand in some way or give depth to the hit box to make it easier to press the control buttons. We all tend to pass through the buttons effectively touching it only momentarily. ~Machismo

There is something indescribably profound in being able to walk around the main shuttlebay. I first got a glimpse of it back with the old 3D Enterprise Construction Project – I had my eyes glued to the screen with an intensity bordering on the religious, a great thirst I didn’t know I had until I saw satiating waters far in the distance. Of course, the 3D programmer ran into legal troubles, and the video and his project swiftly vanished down the memory hole. Those satiating waters proved to be a mirage: they vanished in a heat haze and I was left in the desert, aware only that I was yearning for a water that could never be. But then I found Stage 9, and not only was there a video, but there was a usable application, and one my computer could run – and suddenly there I was, standing on the deck of the main shuttlebay. dozens of shuttles in nice, neat lines. Sure, the lighting was a little different, the floor had a different paintjob, my camera had a tendency to throw itself wildly towards the ceiling for no clear reason or provocation – but I was there. I was finally, truly there.

It’s hard, I would say, to express why it is the shuttlebay that so transfixed me rather than a more familiar locale – the ready room, the bridge, a turbolift. Perhaps it is simply the enormity of the space – cathedral-like, a cavern full of wonder. Maybe it was just the joy of seeing what was implied but never revealed, the lifting of a veil of mystery that limited so many shows in their time. Maybe I just really like the idea of neatly-parked shuttles. Regardless, finding Stage 9 was like finding something precious that I had lost – something that was snatched from my grasp before I could truly learn to appreciate it: something now returned, something to treasure, to adore.

For a long while now I’ve used the ambient sound of the Enterprise’s air systems as white noise to help me sleep. Now, if I’m feeling especially restless before bed, I’ll fire up Stage 9 and wander around: not to do anything or to see any particular sight, but simply to stretch my legs, as it were, to relax my mind in the comfort of the familiar, the nostalgic, and the new. And maybe just to double-check that nobody’s mis-parked my treasured shuttles. ~Cespinarve

Gentlemen, I’m writing to say thank you so much for this wonderful gift! I can’t imagine the hours upon hours upon hours you must have put into this project, and it shows! I’m a 39 year-old Trekkie, and when I sat in the Captain’s chair, and the musical cue began to play, I was transported directly to the Enterprise herself. I wasn’t at my desk, interacting with a recreation – I was the real captain of that very real Enterprise. To capture the wonder and awe I felt as a child, was a remarkable achievement on your part! OK, sorry for geeking out! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. This is obviously a huge labor of love, and I can’t praise you guys enough. Thanks again! ~Ben Pond

I always been in loved with Star Trek The Next Generation and Enterprise-D herself, she’s a beautiful ship. In 2000 i was so lucky to travel from Denmark to Las Vegas to go on Star Trek the Experience. I some 6 years later came across a FAN Made Unreal Engine tour of of the Enterprise. I was so looking forward for the release to go round on Enterprise, but it was never released. Some time after i hear of a project called Stage-9 and it was like coming back to Star Trek The Experience and to “step” on board the Enterprise again in such details blew my mind, with the release of the VR version i was sold. I had to be part of helping getting this project on tracks and out to everyone.. I can’t wait to see what the future for Stage-9 project will end up with, but from what we seen so far. WOW ~Jeppe Lykke

Really liking the nice details done to the cobra head of the drive section. ~archer9234

The new music is wonderful! ~Deledrius

Great work on the game guys. ~I14R10

…great job! So far everything is looking good and I can’t wait to see your guys progress on v010. ~nkjellman

I’ve been following your progress on and off and this is absolutely the best Ent-D walkthrough I’ve ever seen. ~I14R10

Just wanted to say that I love this project! TNG meant alot to me growing up, and being able to wander around those beige corridors makes me so so happy. ~Athelus


Also, like whatcha guys did with the passage between the bridge and coference room, like that the models that used to be in the wall in the conference room are in there now. I was always bummed when they removed those in the show, I am real happy you guys put them back in somewhere else

Just love all the little details you guys have put in! ALSO! Is that a bunch of PHOTON TORPEDOS in the shuttlebay!!?!? 😀 ~Gunsight1

I’m loving this project a lot, i played the latest version today and am really enjoying it. ~HamzaSisko151

Game looks amazing , can’t wait to try it thank you for the time and effort Dev’s. ~Preato

This is about as general as feedback can get but I’m so happy y’all are doing this. It’s like a dream come true, honestly. Thank you all so much for putting your time and energy in. ~Cassandwich

I just found out about this and want to express how insanely cool it is and how i immensely appreciate the work being done so i can experience something like this what a time to be alive. ~Krispy

I’ve just downloaded and tried v10. It ran really well actually! The bridge looks much better, particularly the obs lounge. Shuttlebay 1 is much more atmospheric now. Flying the ship is an absolute joy and the new warp locations are really refreshing. I didn’t think I’d be too bothered about 3rd person view, but it makes flight easier and so much more beautiful! The holodecks were amazing although I did get some lag. All in all, an absolute joy! A Trek Fans dream! ~B.Mussy