Stage 9 pre-alpha release downloads


For our latest v0.0.10 release, please click here

Older releases below.


Windows Non-VR Downloads

Windows VR Downloads

Mac Non-VR Downloads

(Works with computers with Metal, which is OS X El Capitan and above)

Linux Non-VR Downloads

(Due to build difficulties we will update Linux releases every few releases)

Android Downloads

(No longer supported or updated)

Download Android Release (Non-VR)

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 5 – Lollipop
  • ArmV7 CPU – Shouldn’t need a 64 Bit CPU (but should work on those devices)
  • Uses ASTC textures, may limit some devices, I only supported this texture type to keep the filesize down
  • Uses OpenGL ES2 for rendering. This is a fairly old rendering method so should work on most recent(ish) devices.

The app is tested working on Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Huawei P8lite

How to do stuff

  • Use the thumbpads to move and look around (left thumbpad for movement, right for looking around).
  • To move to different rooms, walk to the door with the room list and then tap on the room you want to move to.
  • Most chairs can be sat in. Simply tap the chair to move into it. To move back out, you have to tap the chair itself (look down if you need to), just tapping randomly on the screen won’t work.
  • When in a chair, the left movement thumbpad won’t work as you’re sitting in a chair.

Download Android VR Release

This version supports Google Cardboard (and supposedly DayDream, but I can’t test this) on modern Android devices. We can’t guarantee it’ll work on your device, but it is confirmed working on the Galaxy s7 series of phones.