FAQ Continuum

General Project Questions

Q: How do I install and run it?
A: Download the Stage 9 at the download links on the website, please use the Torrent if you can. Then, simply unpack it and click on the Stage9.exe If you are having troubles, please visit http://stage-9.co.uk/tutorials/ or keep reading the FAQ.

Q: What is the minimum specs for running Stage 9?
A: We recommend setting similar to this for decent gameplay:
Core I5 4670 CPU
8GB DDR3 1600mhz
GTX 780

So far the lowest tested is:
Intel Pentium Celeron 2 core 1.60 GHz
Standard Intel Graphics
It doesn’t run well, but it runs.
Windows Users, you should have a Windows 64 bit system of some sort plus DX11 or above. Mac users, you need to have at least Sierra OS or higher, it’s an Unreal Engine requirement. We are not able to make the game work for older computers for the same reason.

Q: Help! I can’t get it to work!
A: Please make sure you have the minimum specs working ok, and that your system is working well in general (virus free and such). If so, please try to investigate what is going on. What exactly happens when you start the program? Or run it? Play around with it and gather data. Then, if you think the issue you have found is a bug with the project, please submit it to our support helpdesk here. If you just don’t know how to do something or want some help with anything else, you can contact the support team through the #sickbay__support  channel on our public Discord. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to figure it out with you.

Q: I found a bug! Or I have a suggestion. How do I submit it?
A: Bug reports and suggestions(and general feedback) can be sent to the support team using the dedicated helpdesk. Please submit them here and our dedicated team will endeavour to help you as quickly as possible. Please also be aware that the team may request more information from you via email.
Also, the Discord has a Sickbay_Support channel that can be used to help with non-bug issues.


Q: Are there Easter eggs to find? Can I suggest other easter eggs?
A: Yep. We’ll give a number of them to search for and hints. And nothing else. Have fun finding them! Here’s two hints: 1. Oppa Gangnam Style. 2. Read the red tags.
We are currently not accepting easter egg ideas.

Q: Is this in Alpha or Beta? Can I be a Beta-tester? Can I break the game?
A: We’re in Pre-Alpha at best. Yes, you can be a beta tester….innnnnn maybe a year or two when beta describes the game more. However, we do have QA testers! We sometimes call out for specific testing needs, but to be a Windows or Mac tester, you should find us all the bugs and submit them to the
OsTicket support page! ! Those who submit issues without duplicating others’ issues may be invited to the QA testing teams. You can also speak to @Strato or @HPringles directly on the discord server who will be happy to talk to you about our testing needs

Q: On the Discord, what’s the difference between a Dev and an Ambassador and a Counselor? What do they do?
A: Devs are those people actively developing this project via source code, lots of items or character modelling, working on how to make it all act like the TV show, etc. They spend most of their free time on this project. Ambassadors are people making a large contribution to the re-creation. Some are doing writing, some are doing marketing, some are doing 3d modelling of items, and more. Our counsellors are the ones handling Discord mod duties, social media, and answering your questions. Please contact our two counsellors, Cacille or Strato, if you need anything.

Q: Are you working with Person A or Team B, you should, you’d make a great team!
A: We’re working with a great number of people right now, and yes there are other groups doing similar things. We are working with a few people or teams you might have heard of and do have direct connections and feedback from certain people. If you’d like to know if we’re working with certain people already please ask us before you contact them.

Q: I want to help! What do you need help with?
A: We are looking for more talent familiar with Unreal Engine, Blueprint/logic/C++ people, Texture Designers / Graphic Designers / Concept Artists, and advanced Object Modeling people. Please send a portfolio, demo, video, or link to what you’ve done and a basic rundown of your knowledge areas to Cacille or Strato. Please keep in mind that we are already limited in time by our day jobs and are not able to train new people, so we are only currently looking for people with decent experience. If you know how to do stuff, please contact us!

Q: What’s the end project goal?
A: We get lots of feedback from the community about what we should have in the game and what the game should be. We have a huge list of suggestions (we track them all, please send new suggestions via our OSticket page) and combined with our own goals, dreams (which we hope are the same as yours)! Please be aware your suggestions may already have been suggested by another or we have already decided and started on a different direction. We also reserve the right to delete suggestions that are not conducive or are things mentioned in this FAQ already (Example: Suggestion to do Multiplayer, or suggestion to do a room we haven’t gotten to yet eg Troi’s office).

Q: Are Youtubers allowed to post videos of them playing Stage 9 on their channels?
A: OF COURSE! We have our own Youtube channel after all, we only ask that people link to the website or Facebook or our Youtube channel. However, at this point, please refer to this project as a re-creation, not as a game. Being massively incomplete, we do not want to spread the idea that this project is a finished product or give any hint to it being anything more than a re-creation or a walking simulator at best.

Q: Are you going to implement __ that’s on the show?
A: YES. If it’s in the show, even one tiny part in one episode or movie, it’s probably going to be added. The only exceptions to this is the ship which is modeled to look like season 7. We have a loooooooong way to go to making everything and we ask for the community’s patience as we build the ship piece by piece.

Q: Are you going to do other ships, like the JJ enterprise?
A: Not for a long time. We’ll be focusing only on Ent:D right now, then DS9. Voyager is being developed by someone else we’re associated with (who is one of the ambassadors here).

Q: Are you matching the ship plans or the show?
A: We’ve chosen to match the show. Because of that, the windows or some details will not match the plans – because the show didn’t match the plans. We are aiming to try and please both wherever possible.

Q: This isn’t right! There’s a problem with X room in your program, it’s not like Episode Y.
A: You’re probably half right. Please note that the bridge and many other rooms changes every season. Our ship is designed as closely as possible to Season 7. The bridge, however, has multiple versions and is accessible via the Holodecks (as of V10) or via the Options (V9 or lower).

Q: Why is the lighting so different? It should be closer to the show?
A: The lighting is different per episode. Also the TV show set isn’t enclosed, it has outside lighting coming in from the set itself. Lighting is difficult and even worse when it’s different every episode! So we choose the best from the available references, get feedback from the community, and go with it from there.

WARNING TO ALL- scam and fraud operation using Patreon! Affecting another game fan project similar to us! NOT US DIRECTLY.
Q: Do you have a Patreon? I’d love to contribute financially.

A: At the present time we are unable to accept contributions for anything other than asset procurement. If you you see a Patreon or some Kickstarter up claiming to be us raising money for this project, it’s a scam – please report it to us quickly. We are a free fan project and anything given to us via our website donation goes straight to purchasing assets for this project only.

Q: Where’s the V0.0.8 and V0.0.9 Linux versions?
A: Due to issues with UE4 not supporting Linux, we were unable to update Linux during those two versions at all, despite multiple attempts. We are happy to report that UE4 allowed support recently!

Future Development Questions

Q: Will you acquire a license for this project to make it more official?
A: Since this is a free fan-made project, licensing is something that we are looking into now. But if we do not get a license deal worked out, then it will continue as a free fan-made project only – which we’re all fine with.

Q: Wasn’t another guy cease and desisted for making a 3D re-creation like this?
A: Yes he was – he was asking for donations to pay his salary so he could continue making it, and the owners of Star Trek didn’t like THAT part of it. We are not accepting donations, we get no salary from this, we are making no profit. Any donations or monetization is put directly towards purchasing tools and assets. Yes we’ve asked official people who deal with this type of stuff and we’re OK, but there’s always risk, with or without money being involved.

Q: Will this be put on console or android?
A: At some point we would like to continue Android or iOS development, but at the moment we don’t have the resources to continue to update it.

Q: Are you going to make this disability friendly?
A: Hell yes. We’ve actually got innate plans for that, some of us are extremely eager to making it as disability friendly as possible. From blind, deaf, colorblind, physical limitations, we’re going to implement as much as we can think of. We’ll hopefully make Geordi proud.


Q: Are you going to make the holodecks and make scenes like Dixon Hill’s office or the Forest where Riker meets Data?
A: Yep. Already got a bunch of stuff going for one such scene so please watch future versions! Our Discord Jeffries_Tubes channel has sneak peaks for them!

Q: Will all parts of the ship be accessible, including Jefferies tubes and tiny places that were never on the show?
A: Yes, mostly. We have some character related issues and deck plan issues of what’s actually in those. It’s a bit of a larger task so we’ll probably do small parts at a time in later versions.

Q: Can you build the insides of the turbolifts, and stuff inside the panels in Jefferies tubes?
A: We CAN. And then it would slow the game to a crawl. You’d need an Enterprise-speed computer to play that version. Since none of us are at Starfleet level computing systems in our houses yet – we’ll not be building behind everything cause that stuff is always visible. We’ll do only what’s referenced in canon in certain places, or in episodes.

Q: Why does the player not die if they get glitched into space, and why do they fall? It’s space!
A: Space…the final issue. UE4 isn’t exactly conducive to multiple gravity/no gravity needs in a game. Also there are game play things associated with that, so for the moment it’s probably going to be on the back burner.

Q: What about bathrooms? Or other normal life things, how about the toilet on the Bridge, WHERE R THEY IN THIS?
A: We’re still working on them. Toilets are kinda…well, low priority. As we build “living quarters”, we’ll worry about things inside them then. If you need a bathroom, please exit the program and use the one you most likely have in your house. The NPCs currently have no bladders programmed in, don’t worry about them.

Q: Will there be stairs between decks?
A: Yes. Corridors are nearly complete for the whole ship, but we have made the already-set decision (with lots of feedback and voting from the Discord Community) to wait to open a deck until something is there to go to. Or until we have a map system installed. Which will take a long while to program. Can you program? …Please join us. We need you.

Q: Are you going to put the Tesla and Starman into the re-creation?
A: Unlikely. It’s not mentioned in any series of Star Trek, though Voyager gets close in the 37s episode with an early model Ford we know. It still isn’t part of the star trek universe so adding it, or anything else non-series, will probably not happen. Though easter eggs…hmmm.

Q: Why are you not developing this faster! I want x and y to be seen now!
A: Cause we’re doing this free, on our own time, for fun. This is a fan project at this point. We have full time day jobs and aren’t able to go full time at this yet.

Q: Can I at least have access to the source code so I can help place stuff or make modifications to the game? Or can I use parts of your ship for my own unrelated game/project?
A: Sorry, not at this time. The source code and assets need to stay private for the moment for legal reasons. If you’d like to help us out with modeling or modding, we do accept modeled items from the community sometimes. Other modifications, well, tell us what you can do – if we can’t do your particular idea, perhaps you could help with mods we need! And you can always join us by showing us your skills.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer is an insanely huge task. It’s something we’re excited about and are looking into, but it will most likely not be possible for a very long time. This is due to a combination of how the ship is put together and the ability of people’s computers. We’re trying to find ways for both things to work well together and on multiple platforms, too. When we have more to report, you’ll be the first to know!

Q: Are you on other social media platforms?
A: We’re on a lot of platforms!

Q: Why is there no V0.0.10 VR
A: Due to Ubisoft’s recent release of their TNG-themed Bridge Crew, we have decided to skip the V10 VR release and delay our V11 release to give folks time to check out the new Bridge Crew release without us getting in their way. We’re still here (and very active on our Discord), and we’re still working hard on new content, but it just might take a little longer to get released, plus, most of us devs will be excitedly playing Bridge Crew and trying our hardest not to crash our Galaxy Class ship into the nearest star.