How to play Stage 9:

1. Download the version you wish to run.

2. Extract using the zip program of your choice, such as Winzip or 7-zip.

3. Open the folder you extracted it to, and look for the Stage9.exe and you’re ready!

Upon Loading:

You’ll first see the title screen with the options Launch, Intro Sequence, Settings Menu, and Quit Game. These should be pretty self explanatory, feel free to set the game settings as needed, you will need to do the settings the same way each time you play the game for the moment (as of Version 0.0.9).

When you’re ready to play, hit Launch!

You’ll first be in a turbolift in 3rd person mode and can look around with your mouse. You can do the following options:

– Press your Esc or Tab key to go to Settings – note there are tabs on the left hand side, and that there is a scroll bar on the right hand side for further options.

– Press V to toggle between first person and third person mode

– Press Z to toggle between head-bob and static camera mode

– WASD controls the standard walking movement

– Spacebar is Jump

– Shift toggles between walking, jogging, and running

To select options:

– Look for the little red dot in the center of your screen. For the moment, that is the focus point for you to select things on the Turbolift menu. Use your left mouse button to select.

– Enter picks up things that you are looking at, such as Picard’s tea or a phaser. Pressing Enter again will make it drop the item.

– Pressing Enter when looking at a com or control panel will bring up the options available to do, if any.

– Right mouse button is a Zoom function

Doing Stuff:

– For Shuttles, look for the tiny control panel near the door. There are some on the inside (floor) as well. Press Enter while having your red dot on it, and the door will open. This is true for all shuttles except the runabout.

– Tractor Beams need to be controlled by the com panel next to it. Enter to activate options, then press Activate Tractor beam. Use your mouse to extend the beam out and control the item.

– Turn off the Tractor beam by left clicking. You may then left click again to turn it on and off as needed. Enter to exit the Tractor beam control.

– Warp is now controlled at the Helm by a button on the console called ‘warp system’ you need to click that with your mouse button, either in the chair (by holding alt and looking at it) or out of the chair by looking at it. (V0.0.10)

(All info is accurate up to V0.0.9 with minor additions for V0.0.10 so far)

Bridge Interactivity

Shuttlebays Interactivity

Shuttle Interactivity

Ready Room Interactivity

Other Interactivity