How to play Stage 9


How to install on Windows:

  1. Download the latest version from the Downloads page.
  2. Run the self-extracting EXE file to unpack the Stage 9 folder. (For pre-v0.0.10 versions, you will need to use an unzipping program, such as Winzip or 7-Zip.)
  3. Open the install folder you selected, and run Stage9.exe!
  4. If you get an error about missing vulkan-1.dll, follow the link on the Downloads page.


How to install on Mac OS X 10.12.6 “Sierra” (Metal-capable) or later:

  1. Download the latest version from the Downloads page.
  2. Most web browsers will download new files into the user downloads folder, which can be found at ” ~/Downloads “. The newly downloaded Stage9 (zip) file will most likely be found here.
  3. If the file has automatically decompressed at download, please skip to step #4. If not, open the Stage9 zip file. “Archive Utility”, a built-in app in MacOS, will automatically expand it. Once expanded, the new Stage9 app can be found in the same folder as the Stage9 zip file. The zip file can now be trashed as needed. Please make sure you have enough disk space before performing the actions above.
  4. The Stage9 app can be moved to almost any location on your hard drive (the location of your choice – typically in the “Applications” folder: ” /Applications “).
  5. Open the Stage9 app. At verification, you will eventually get a dialog window, stating that the “‘’ can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.” Click the “OK” button.
  6. Go up to the menu bar. Click on the Apple logo (in the far upper-left part of the screen), then select “System Preferences…” in the dropdown menu.
  7. Open the “Security & Privacy” preference pane.
  8. Towards the bottom of the pane, you will see text that says “‘’ was blocked from opening because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.” To right of the text, there is an “Open Anyway” button. Click on “Open Anyway”.
  9. Verification will begin again. Again, you will see “‘’ can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.” (similar to before). Click on the “Open” button. You will only have to do this once.
  10. It may take some time before Stage9 opens for the first time. Once it does, you’re in!


How to install on Linux:

  1. Extract the downloaded archive (Right click the file and click Extract)
  2. Open the folder that has been extracted
  3. Right click “” and select execute.
  4. Enjoy!


Upon Loading:

The title screen provides options for watching the intro Sequence, changing settings, and launching the simulation. We recommend adjusting the settings (particularly on the Video tab) to an appropriate level based on your hardware before launching the first time. Note that you can always change your settings later if you pick incorrectly.

When you’re ready to get started, hit Launch!

Like most visitors to the Enterprise, you will start out in the Transporter Room (where you will find a familiar face!). Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • The Esc or Tab keys will bring up the Settings – note there are tabs on the left hand side, and there is a scroll bar on the right hand side for further options.
  • Pressing V will toggle between first person and third person mode.
  • Pressing Z will toggle between head-bob and static camera mode.
  • W-A-S-D controls the standard walking movement.
  • Pressing Spacebar will cause the character to Jump.
  • Shift toggles between walking, jogging, and running.


Interacting with the ship:

  • The little red dot (reticle) in the center of your screen is used for aiming.
  • Pressing Enter or the F key will allow you to pick up items. Press again to drop the item. Enter is also used to access interaction menus for many LCARS panels.
  • The left mouse button can be used to select items. Use this to interact with some panels, such as the turbolift or holodeck menus, replicators and the warp controls on the bridge helm console. It is also used to use items you have picked up, such as a phaser or hypospray. (Tip: Use the reticle to aim, but watch out for crew members!)
  • The right mouse button is a Zoom function.


Using the Holodeck:

Pressing H will toggle the arch (and the exit) within a holodeck program. Exit the holodeck before changing programs.


Using Shuttlecraft:

  • Before boarding a shuttle, you will want to open the shuttle bay door by hitting Enter on one of the freestanding consoles and then clicking on Open Shuttlebay Door.
  • To board a shuttle, look for the tiny control panel near the door and click on it to open the hatch. Hit enter on the pilot’s console to sit down and begin flying. The hatch will close automatically.
  • Piloting uses the same controls as movement (W-A-S-D). You can also use Q and E to control your roll. For added fun, try pressing V while piloting to trigger 3rd person mode!
  • To exit a shuttlepod, simply press Enter (Warning: Don’t try this in open space!). To exit the larger shuttles, stand up from the pilot’s chair with Enter, then open the hatch by clicking on the panel near the door. The runabout can be exited by simply approaching the doors.
  • Tractor Beams in the shuttle bays need to be controlled by the panel next to it. Press Enter on the console to activate options, then click on Activate Tractor beam. Once you have aimed with the mouse, click the left mouse button to turn on the beam. Use your mouse to control the item. Press W to push the item away from you, and S to pull it back towards you. Turn off the Tractor beam by left clicking. Press Enter to exit the Tractor beam control.


Flying the Enterprise:

  • Sitting at the helm console on the bridge will allow you to pilot the Enterprise! The same controls apply as for shuttlecraft.
  • Warp is now controlled at the Helm by a button on the console called ‘warp system’. Access the menu by clicking the left mouse button when the reticle is on top of this control. If you are sitting in the chair, you will need to hold down ALT to move the camera until the reticle is on the button. The warp menu will appear, and you can select a destination, a speed, and click Engage using the left mouse button.

Bridge Interactivity

Shuttlebays Interactivity

Shuttle Interactivity

Ready Room Interactivity

Other Interactivity