Known Issues with V0.0.10

As with any good project, new features bring new bugs, and despite tons of bug testing, bugs creep in even last minute. We have a fantastic small group of testers who help us a lot, but even they can’t catch every bug that comes in through the transporter. Here is a list of known bugs that our testers or you, the community, have found. Please check this page often as you find new bugs, as it may already be known and listed and potentially already fixed for the next version! Or a potential hotfix…

HOTFIX RELEASED – If you have a version without warp core lights, you have the first version. Please re-download! Here’s what’s been fixed in the hotfix!

– very blurry textures/lcars – SHOULD BE FIXED. Earth and Jupiter were eating up too much video memory, lowered resolution of Jupiter and added Mip Maps to earth.
– player can grab world dynamic – hatches in shuttlebay (and jefferies tubes I suspect) – FIXED
– Going from Red Alert to Yellow doesn’t turn off the Red Alert stuff – FIXED
– nine forward, player falls through near windows/couches – FIXED
– hallway around main shuttlebay had no floor or ceiling – FIXED
– nine forward – player can see hallways through the window – Somewhat improved, problem still exists but isn’t as a bad
– warp core lights don’t work – FIXED

Here is what has not been fixed but is known, or cannot be fixed at this time:

– If you do not remove the holodoor after entering the holodeck, moving behind it will cause you to fall through the floor – CONFIRMED. NOT AN EASY FIX

– Engineering – Walls – super textured/damaged looking walls
Note from devs: Half-baked job, literally. Baked lighting project in Engineering put on hold. But walls were updated for it. Had to stop certain features that would have taken a long time to complete.

– Turbolifts – Random points – being thrown out of turbolift
Note from devs: Ongoing hell of a monster we keep fighting. Redone turbolift system numerous times trying to figure out why. Still working on figuring out the exact cause.

– Stage9-Win65-shipping.exe System Error. vulkan-1.dll was not found
Note from devs: Update your graphics drivers first. If that does not fix it, please go here: and download the full installer package and install.

– Mac Users Only: Installation stops at Verifying Stage 9 on some Macs.
Note from devs: Wait 15-17 minutes. It clears itself up! We know why it hangs, working on a fixed version now.


1. Please uninstall the “old” version (The one with no warp core lights). Simply delete the folder.
2. Go to your %appdata% folder if you have one (Windows users – you definitely do, just type that into your Cortana/Search bar and it’ll come up), you’ll be in the roaming folder. Go back one and you’ll see the local folder. Inside it is a Stage 9 folder. Deleting that is a good idea just to make sure.
3. Download and unzip as normal.
4. Give your computer some time to process, and a restart if you see/hear any weirdness. If there are any issues, check the Known Issues page on the website first, then send us a Contact email or get on our Discord and let us know what’s going wrong!


Found a bug that isn’t listed on this page? Join the bug hunters by taking a look at this document!