Q. What’s a torrent?

A. A torrent is a file sharing system where you can download a file from multiple other people at once called seeds or peers. Peers are downloading the file too. Seeds have 100% of the program.

Q. Aren’t torrents illegal?

A. They are not. The files themselves can be if they are not openly shared. Stage 9 is openly shared and is legal to download completely.

Q. When I click on the link, nothing happens.

A. First, you need a torrent program. These can be found freely on the internet, using Google.

Once you have installed the program, try clicking the link again. It should open up a box that asks if you want to download it. Go ahead. The link will automatically be entered into your torrent client program. It will then connect to seeds and peers and start downloading the file. You can find where it’s downloading in your client settings.

Once the file shows it has been downloaded 100% (It will not be openable until then), you may find the program in your download area and unzip it with a zipping program such as Winzip, Winrar, 7-zip, etc. Once it’s unzipped, you may go into the unzipped folder and click the stage9 .exe file you see! See you out amongst the stars!

Still having problems with the link, not opening?
1. Use a different browser than Chrome. There have been some issues. If it doesn’t work in any browser, it might be because your security settings are too high. Turn them down temporarily.

2. All else fails, use the Direct (slow) link on the downloads page. We’ll allow ya if you’ve tried everything here and still had no luck or are unable to use Discord to get to the links. Sometimes even 24th-century technology fails.

NOTE: Stage 9 and the Stage 9 team cannot be held responsible for any files downloaded from external sites. The locations on this website are the ONLY official locations to download the Stage 9 project.